May 3rd 2008


Individual Gross Winners


Shropshire                      Charlotte Roberts            45

Denby & Flint                 Nicola Wainwright           42

Cheshire                         Emma Graham                48


Best Gross Team


Golfing Gals                   Emma Graham                48

                                      Chloe Newport                48

                                                Nicola Wainwright           42


Best Nett Team


Golfing Gals

Shield only


2nd Gross Team


Bunker Buddies               Rayanneh Saboonpoz      52

                                      Lucy Baxby                    49

                                      Lucy Jones                     48


2nd Nett Team


Golf Girls                       Elise Pike                        31

                                      Nicola Pike                     31

                                      Hannah Quillam               26


3rd Nett Team


Putter Punks                   Olivia Colpan                  43

                                      Charlotte Roberts            23

                                      Erin Toft                         28


4th Nett Team


Tee off Tigers                 Erica Cope                      30

                                      Jessica Sahotu                 43

                                      Ellena Alexandrou           41


5th Nett Team


Eagle Girls                      Sophie Ellis                     39

                                      Emily Harris                    48

                                      Rebecca Darlington         31



Driving Divas                  Georgina Kettle

                                      Lisa Widdows

                                      Philippa Wright


2nd Putting Prize


Pink Putters                    Jessica Day

                                                Erica Cope

                                      Georgina Kettle


Best Team Name


Fairway Foxes                Sophie Bolam

                                      Hannah Jervis

                                      Shannon Farrar


Best Ball Decorators


Funky Fairways               Charlie Potter

                                      Ella Roberts

                                      Sophie Bolam



If a name appears more than once it is because they have been a ‘ghost’ member of a team which had only two players.