Cheshire County Ladies’ Golf Association




Job Description for a County Executive Member.


A Committee Member is elected for up to 3 years at the County A.G.M. to represent one of the 3 areas i.e. West, Mid and North-East Cheshire.


Duties include attendance at 5 Committee meetings held at Sandiway G.C. on Mondays at 10.00 a.m. as well as the A.G.M. at Chester in November.


She may be required to attend some Junior Training Sessions. These are held on Saturdays & Sundays early in the season. There are 6 sessions for Beginners held at various venues in the County.


She will be required to assist the Competition Secretaries on the desk at one or more County events.


She will be given specific jobs to assist Officers & will act as a Liaison Officer between the Executive Committee & certain Clubs in her area with the aim of keeping Clubs informed of County events.


She should be prepared to give precedence to County over Club & own golf.


It is hoped that Committee members would wish to support County Match Week if possible for one or two days.

Those interested in amateur golf will find the job an enjoyable & rewarding experience, as they will be helping to promote Ladies' golf at a higher level.                          

July 2007